Shooting Range Rules & Regulations


The Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club (AMLGC) is dedicated to the history, preservation, and safe use of muzzle loading firearms.

To promote this basic philosophy, the AMLGC has developed a shooting range at LaCoste, Texas for instructional, competitive, and informal shooting programs.

To insure the safe continuation of these activities, and any other general range use, any activity that can be construed as detrimental to the safe operation of the shooting range cannot be tolerated.

Therefore, the board of directors of the Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club has adopted the following rules governing the use of the AMLGC Shooting Range.


  1.  Alcoholic beverages are not forbidden on grounds, but MAY NOT be consumed while firing or handling firearms. No one may handle or fire any firearm while under the influence of alcohol.
  2.  Vandalism will NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone engaging in vandalism will be dismissed from the club with no refund of dues or fees.
  3.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  4.  Clean up the grounds after yourself.
  5.  Minors, under 18 years of age, are permitted on premises but must be under the control of a parent or other responsible adult. Minors are permitted on the firing line only while shooting.
  6.  The only approved targets are paper targets fastened to the club owned target frames and set into the frame holders at the 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, and 300 yard lines. With the exception of the plinking range as noted below-
    1. There will be no shooting at rocks, bottles, or cans.
    2. Any shooting that will cause damage to club owned property is forbidden.
    3. Unauthorized or unsupervised use of Club owned silhouette target items is prohibited. These items are intended for muzzle loading patched round ball use only.
    4. Violation of any Part of Rule 6 is grounds for immediate termination of Club membership without refund of dues and/or fees.
    5. The plinking range, at the left end of the 25 yard line area, was built specifically for informal plinking such as tin cans PLASTIC bottles, etc. Please use care to minimize ricochets and wild misses.
  7.  When two or more individuals are shooting informally, courtesy will be extended for target changes. No one will go down range until all firearms are cleared and benched, and will announce “clear” when returning. No one will fire, at any range, when someone is observed to be down range.
  8.  Members must carry their membership cards when at the range and must show it to a club officer or other member on request.
  9.  The Range will be closed to all other shooters during a scheduled match. This includes regular monthly matches, musket matches, and mid-month silhouette shoots.


  1. Only muzzle loading and sporting type firearms are allowed. Full automatic weapons (machine guns) are prohibited.
  2. Muzzles must be beyond concrete firing line floor and pointing downrange when firearm is discharged.
  3. During formal matches, the designated Range officer will be in full control and must be obeyed.
  4. Smoking is not permitted within ten (10) feet of the loading bench.
  5. Loading directly into the muzzle from a powder can, horn, or flask is not allowed.
  6. Powder containers must be covered when not in use.
  7. Do not cap, or prime, muzzle loader until in position on line.
  8. Do not chamber modern firearms until in position on line.
  9. Flintlock shooters and side vented guns must be shot at a vent shielded station.
  10. Snapping caps is allowed only in position on line and when range is open.
  11. All shots must be directed to strike into earth berms, except shotguns. Shoot only at the designated distance at each range, 25 yards at the 25 yard line, 50 yards at the 50 yard line, etc. At the 200/300 yard covered firing point there will be no firing at the 100 yard berm. Do not place a target in line with the 200 or 300 yard berms except at 200 or 300 yards respectively. Do not move the silhouette / target frame holders without the specific permission of the Senior Range Officer.
  12. Shotguns must be fired in a direction so pellets will not fall over any adjacent roadway or building.
  13. Scheduled matches are restricted to muzzle loading firearms only. (Exceptions to this rule must be approved on an individual basis by the Board of Directors.)
  14. Combat style shooting is not allowed.
  15. Violation of any of these rules will be subject to review by the Board of Directors and any member found to be in violation is subject to termination of membership without refund of dues and/or fees.

Amended and approved by Board of Directors 2/5/98

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