Pistol Range Rules


The Directors of the Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club hereby establish these rules for the members’ use of the club’s pistol range, which is to the left of the 25-yard firing line and is divided from the rest of the range by a side berm on the east side.

  1. The pistol range will be used only for firing pistols, and rifles of .22 and smaller caliber. It is intended primarily for use in practicing for concealed carry license tests.
  2. The short range pistol range may be operated separately from the main range. It is not necessary to clear one before people can move down range on the other.
  3. The short range pistol range has one target line and four firing lines which are at 5, 7, 12, and 15 yards from the target line. Only one firing line at a time will be in use. All shooters must use the same firing line.
  4. Shooters will cooperate to all use the same firing line, and to call it safe and hot together. If the club has not designated someone to be in control, then the member who has been present longest will control the pistol range firing line, including choosing which line is to be used.
  5. The short-legged frames will be used on the target line. This is intended to lead pistol shooters to fire slightly downward toward the bottom of the berm. Targets will not be placed elsewhere. Do not move target frames from the berm. Hard targets including swingers will not be used, because of the danger of ricochets.
  6. Firing at the side berm (from either side) is prohibited and is grounds for dismissal from club membership.
  7. All other Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club range rules are still in effect on the short range pistol range.


Approved 10/3/2010