COVID-19 Updates

Updated 4/21/2020

To: All All AMLGC Members From: AMLGC Board of Directors
Subject: Re-opening the Range

On April 17th, 2020, a Supplemental Order to his original Disaster Declaration was issued by the County Judge of Medina County. The Supplemental Order allowed for the re-opening of recreational park facilities, under certain rues and restrictions which must be maintained and monitored. Specifically, all person must wear masks, maintain a six foot distance between people and not gather in groups larger than 5 people.

Based on these revised rules, we are going to open the range on limited basis, dependent solely on the availability of volunteers to act as Range officers to maintain and enforce the safety rules we all have to follow.

The hours we will be open initially will be as follows:

Saturday 10am- 1pm
Sunday 9am- 1pm
Tuesday 9am- 1pm
Thursday 9am- 1pm

This limited schedule will begin Saturday, April 25th and will continue until further notice.

In order to make this work, we are going to have to modify our normal range procedures and everyone has to cooperate and follow all the Medina County safety guidelines. There can be no exceptions. If anyone feels these rules are too restrictive, they should not plan on coming to the range to shoot and are best advised to wait until all restrictions are lifted and we can go back to normal range rules and procedures.

Here’s how it’s going to work:
Attached, you will find the Use of Range Release and Acknowledgement (Release). If possible, please make a copy, sign it and bring it to the range with you when you come. We will have blank copies for those unable to make copies.

Bring your membership card and picture ID with you. We must verify your membership in the club. Remember, no membership card, no ID, no entry…. no exceptions.

Every Member must sign a Release. If three Members ride together in one vehicle, we need to collect three releases. The head of a household may sign one release for his/ her family.

NO Guests are allowed during this limited re-opening period. Guests are defined as anyone not permanently residing under your roof.

All individual gate codes were deactivated when the range shut down, so you will not be able to open the gate. Instead, the gate will be open for the first 30 minutes of the shooting session and the Range Officer will be at the gate to verify your Membership, take your Release, make sure you have a mask/s and go over the range rules with you. After the first 30 minutes, the range officer needs to be monitoring the firing line, so the gate will be closed and remain closed during the session. If you arrive later, you will have to wait until he has time to come and physically let you in.

At the gate, the Range Officer will ask you which range you want to shoot on and will notate your request on your Release. For example, you may want to start on the 50 yard line. You can move to another range later on, provided there is room.

Because of the spacing rule, we have to make sure everyone has room to shoot and maintain social distancing. Because of the way our target frames are set up, we have ample distance between the target frame holders and you should set up your gear so you are directly in line with that frame. The Range Officer may need ask you to move to one side or the other in order to have proper spacing. We have room for the following shooters on the line at one time.

Pistol Range: 2 shooters
25 yard: 12 shooters
50 yard: 12 shooters
100 yard: 7 blackpowder shooters, position 1-7 6 centerfire shooters, positions 8-13
200 yard: 2 shooters
300 yard: 2 shooters
385 meters: 2 shooters

You can see we have plenty of room for shooters at 25, 50 and 100 yards and only limited space at the Pistol range and 200 yards on up. If no space is available, you may have to wait your turn, while maintaining that all important 6’ spacing.

Any personal target frames, either steel or wood, have to fit our frame holders or be able to be set at the same distance apart from the frame holders on either side.

While everyone is shooting, the Range Officer is in charge of the line. He will call it hot or cold as needed, unless he designates someone else to take his place.

If you need to leave the range before the end of the shooting session, please notify the Range Officer in a timely fashion, so he can unlock and open the gate.

15 minutes or so before the end of a range session, the Range Officer will notify folks that time is almost up. Please pack up and disinfect your shooting station in a timely fashion.

Please remember all the Range Officers have volunteered their time to come out and give you an opportunity to shoot. Without their efforts, we could not re-open the range even on a limited basis, so please cooperate and let’s get back to doing what we all like to do, and that’s sling lead down range. With a little luck, we’ll be out of this mess if a few weeks and we can go back to normal.

If you have positive suggestions on how to improve our procedures, please let a board member know.

Waiver/Release Form

Updated 3/25/2020

Dear friends, shooting sports enthusiasts, fellow members of AMLG Club:
On the advice of legal counsel, and in consultation with members of the Board of Directors, and in light of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, which can cause the COVID-19 pneumonia, the Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club Range in LaCoste, Medina County, Texas will be closed from Saturday 28 March 2020 until further notice.
As people know, the novel coronavirus pandemic, which can cause COVID-19 disease, has fully assumed the proportions of the worst public health crisis since at least the Spanish influenza pandemic over a century ago, 1918-1919. There is no need to panic, which never helped no one no how not ever.  Nonetheless, the possible spread involves so-called “clusters” where one person, including those not showing symptoms, can spread the virus through exhalation, coughing, sneezing, or handling surfaces.  This ability of the virus to evade scrutiny before people are symptomatic, the behavior of the COVID-19 disease such that if can be fully ten or eleven days before symptoms appear, the virus’s ability to survive on some surfaces for two or three days (including cardboard for approx. 24 hours), and the fact that some emerging evidence suggests the virus in the United States can make people between 20 and 54 very sick, even if it remains much more of a concern for older people and those with compromised immune systems, are precisely why the Federal, State, and County Governments including those of Medina and Bexar Counties have declared a disaster.  Prevention is up to us.  We have to stay at home.
Our club has members in Medina, Atascosa, Bexar, Wilson, Travis, Wilson, and even Cameron and Nueces Counties.  And a lot of them are older folks.  As a club that relies on volunteers, there is no way we can have staff to ensure that the physical distancing of 6 feet—typically described of late as “social distancing”—can be maintained, let alone disinfect and wash or scrub any surface that may have been compromised by someone “shedding the virus.”  An ill member, from San Antonio, already under quarantine and “lock-down” per the mayor and county judge, could “shed the virus” at our club, and people in outlying counties could unknowingly contract the virus and carry it to their community or job site or work place.  So the Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club has to do its part to mitigate the risk.  Obviously, with a “novel coronavirus” there is substantial unknown “gray area” as far as things like legal liability go. 
It is a very weighty decision, and certainly an unhappy one to have to make.  It simply is the prudent thing to do.  On Saturday 28 March the gate will be locked and disabled until we gain the upper hand on this outbreak.  All of the other area ranges, with a few exceptions, have taken similar steps: A Place to Shoot in south San Antonio has closed the ranges, and operates a store but only allows in a few customers at a time; Bullet Hole remains open as of this writing, but maintains physical distancing on the firing lines with its staff; Dietz range, I frankly don’t know about, but note that the South Texas Marksmanship Training Center has cancelled events; so too Lone Star Handgun, including the ranges as well as the store, and several others.  Perhaps needless to add, the first Sunday shoot—which was scheduled to be a silhouette cross-sticks match, has been cancelled. 
The officers of the Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club—the BoD—will monitor the ongoing and enfolding situation closely.  It is profoundly to be wished that we can re-open as soon as possible.  Questions, commentary, and criticism can be addressed to the club’s BoD, and we can try to answer or respond.  We regret the situation, but we’ve all got to do our part.  Thank you for your patience and attention.  God bless you all, and God bless Texas.
Very respectfully,
David C. Carlson, Ph.D.—AMLGC Secretary, for the Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club Board of Directors