membership rules & information



  • NRA or NMLRA membership in good standing. Membership number to be on file with AMLGC.
  • Must be legally allowed to possess and use firearms.
  • Membership is for one year at a time and renewal is approved by BOD.
  • New members must be sponsored by a current member.

Types of Membership

  • Individual- single individual
  • Family
    • Per By-laws, a family membership covers only the immediate family, living
      at the same address.
    • One member of the family over the age of 21 shall be designated as
      Primary Member.
    • No family member under the age of 18 may shoot at the range unless accompanied by a family member over the age of 21. If the Primary Member is not present, the responsible adult family member shall have the membership card in their possession.

Guests of Members

  • No more than 2 guests at any one time.
  • Member must be present and is responsible and liable for the behavior of guests. Guests must follow all the range rules.


  • Individual and Family dues are the same

Member obligations

  • Members must carry their membership cards when at the range and must show it to a club officer or other member upon request.
  • Personal/Family members should always obey all safety and general range rules Observing and reporting range violations is the responsibility of every member
  • Quarterly Range Work Party days for routine range maintenance


  • Snail mail or electronic
  • Electronic mail saves the club postage expense.

*   *   *

Entrance to Range Gate

The AMLGC is a private range. Because it is every member’s responsibility to ensure that only authorized individuals or groups have access to the AMLGC range, the following rules concerning the gate shall be followed by all members.

  1. During scheduled events, the gate shall remain open during the course of the event. At the conclusion of the event the last member leaving the range shall close and lock the gate.
  2. During normal shooting hours, a member accessing or leaving the range shall use their access code to open the gate, then close the gate behind them. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. If while accessing or leaving the range, the club member encounters another vehicle approaching the gate, the club member should ask the other vehicle occupants if they are club members and ask them if they have the gate code.
  4. If the other vehicle does have the code, the club member may leave the gate open for the other vehicle to access the range and it is the last entering vehicle’s responsibility to close and lock the gate.
  5. If the other vehicle does not have the gate code, the club member should explain that the AMLGC is a private club and access is limited to members only and direct them to the website for more information about joining the AMLGC. Leave or enter the range and close the gate after you.
  6. If for any reason, another vehicle’s occupants do not cooperate and insist on access to the range, do not create a confrontation. Rather, get their license plate number and please attempt to contact a board member at your earliest opportunity to report the situation.

DO NOT share your access code with anyone. All authorized club members have their own access code.

Range Layout

  • Hours of operation- 8:00 am to sunset
  • Keep bathrooms clean, please!
  • Office- not generally open to general membership
  • Target frame shed- not generally open to general membership
  • Skirmish target shed- not generally open to general membership
  • Fuse box- not to be opened or turned on except by BOD or Shoot Director
  • Water and electric hookups- used for special events and paid for on nightly basis

Parking at Range

  • General parking areas to be shown
  • Going down range in vehicle
    • Do not drive downrange in muddy or wet conditions

Target Frames
Wood frames provided by member must be set within 3 feet of berm
Metal frames owned by AMLGC must be set in frame holders provided
Metal frames provided by members must be made of rebar and set within 3 feet
of berm.
Acceptable types of targets-
Paper only, no metal swingers, breakable targets or fruit of any kind
Acceptable firearms that can be used on this range Pistols
.22 caliber rifles only No high power rifles
Relationship to main range in regards to line being hot or cold
Pistol range does not need to coordinate with main range in regards to the line being hot or cold.
Shooters sharing the Pistol range must cooperate with each other as to calling the line hot or cold when changing targets, etc.
Safety Rules for Pistol Range
1. The pistol range will be used only for firing pistols, and rifles of .22 and smaller caliber. No rapid fire shooting allowed; all shots must be fired in a controlled manner.
2. The short range pistol range may be operated separately from the main range. It is not necessary to clear one before people can move down range on the other.

3. The short range pistol range has one target line and four firing lines which are at 5,7,12, and 15 yards from the target line. Only one firing line at a time will be in use. All shooters must use the same firing line.
4. Shooters will cooperate to all use the same firing line, and to call it safe and hot together. If the club has not designated someone to be in control, then the member who has been present longest will control the pistol range firing line, including choosing which line is to be used. When the line is “cold” or “safe”, all pistols shall be placed on the shooting benches with bolts open and magazines removed.
5. The short-legged frames will be used on the target line. This is intended to lead pistol shooters to fire slightly downward toward the bottom of the berm. Targets will not be placed elsewhere. Do not move target frames from the berm. Hard targets including swingers will not be used, because of the danger of ricochets.
6. Firing at the side berm (from either side) is prohibited and is grounds for dismissal from club membership.
7. All other Alamo Muzzle Loading Gun Club range rules are still in effect on the short range pistol range.
Main Range
EYE AND EAR PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES FOR SHOOTERS AND OBSERVERS Lay out- the main range extends from the 25 yard range to the 300 yard range Acceptable target frames- same as Pistol range.
Acceptable targets- Paper
Steel Swingers or silhouettes-
Any steel targets provided by a Member must be constructed of AR-500 grade steel or harder.
No mild steel and softer steels which allow for ricochets.

Targets specifically not allowed – Any breakable targets, clay pigeons, glass of any kind, fruit or vegetables.
No exploding or incendiary targets.
Unacceptable firearms for use on range
Maximum caliber- NO Barrett .50 caliber, .338 Lapua and/or other higher calibers deemed by Match Committee Chairman to be unsafe for use on the range.
Absolute prohibited types of firearms
Machine guns, full automatic weapons or simulated full auto, such as bump stocks.
Prohibited ammo
Tracer, incendiary, etc.
Range rules during scheduled events
Range is closed for “open” shooting during scheduled events.
Safety Rules for Main Range
Rules for calling range ‘Hot” or “Cold”- if you wish for the range to be “cold” so that you may go downrange, you MUST notify all shooters on the range from the 25 yard to the 300 yard range and get their agreement to go cold. The same applies when you wish the range to cold “HOT”. Every member must make sure there are no shooters downrange before beginning to shoot.
Make sure no one has driven down to the 300 yard range. They will be out of sight when going around the 100 yard berm.
Firearms shall be benched at rear loading benches when range is “Cold”, not resting on shooting bench. Bolts should be open or locked back.
Muzzle must always pointed down range and below berm when loading or shooting. Never shoot over berm. All bullets must always impact the berm.
Target frames within 3 foot of berm at all times except with club permission.
Eye and ear protection for all members and their families when on range.
No smoking on firing line. Stay 10 feet back from firing line when smoking. No alcohol or drugs before or during shooting
Shooting at club swingers with high power firearms is prohibited

Destruction of club property may result in immediate termination and prosecution.
Reporting safety violations, vandalism, or other rules violations is the responsibility of every club member.
Responsibility for safety of families rests on Primary member or supervising adult member.
Every member is responsible for the safe mechanical and overall condition of firearms used on AMLGC range
1) Only muzzle loading and sporting type firearms are allowed. Full automatic weapons (machine guns) are prohibited.
2) Muzzles must be beyond concrete firing line floor and pointing downrange when firearm is discharged.
3) During formal matches, the designated RANGE OFFICER will be in full control and must be obeyed.
4) Smoking is not permitted within ten (10) feet of the loading bench.
5) Loading directly into the muzzle from a powder can, horn, or flask is not allowed.
6) Powder containers must be covered when not in use.
7) Do not cap, or prime, muzzle loader until in position on line.
8) Do not chamber modern firearms until in position on line.
9) Flintlock shooters and side vented guns must be shot at a vent shielded station.
10) Snapping caps is allowed only in position on line and when range is open.
11) All shots must be directed to strike into earth berms, except shotguns. Shoot only at the designated distance at each range, 25 yards at the 25 yard line, 50 yards at the 50 yard line, etc. At the 200/300 yard covered firing point there will be no firing at the 100 yard berm. Do not place a target in line with the 200 or 300 yard berms except at 200 or 300 yards respectively.
Do not move the silhouette / target frame holders without the specific permission of the Senior Range Officer.
12) Shotguns must be fired in a direction so pellets will not fall over any adjacent roadway or building.
13) Scheduled matches are restricted to muzzle loading firearms only. (Exceptions to this rule must be approved on an individual basis by the Board of Directors.)
14) Combat style shooting is not allowed.
15) Violation of any of these rules will be subject to review by the Board of Directors and any member found to be in violation is subject to termination of membership without refund of dues and/or fees.
General Safety Rules for Black Powder Shooters
The following safety rules shall be followed by all black powder shooters when shooting at either a club sanctioned event or on an individual basis. There are additional club

rules pertaining to specific matches held by ALMGC. these rules are available through the Match Committee.
1. Range Officers, acting under the authority of the Chief Range Officer, shall have the
authority to run and control all matches. They shall have the right to inspect any shooter’s equipment and firearms to ensure compliance with any safety concerns or match rules.
2. Any muzzleloading rifle or pistol that loads from the muzzle or into the front of the revolver’s cylinder may be used. Break open firearms that load from the breech are not allowed. Firearm weight may not exceed 14 pounds. Metallic sights only, no optical devices such as telescopic sights.
3. Firearms are not to be loaded with either powder or ball until the Range Officer declares the line “HOT”.
4. Firearms are to be capped or primed at the firing line only, not at the loading bench. Keep the muzzle pointed safely downrange when capping or priming.
5. Allowable ammunition for matches- Rifle projectiles will be patched round ball only. Pistol matches may be shot using round ball or bullet shaped projectiles.
6. Clearing misfires- The “breaching” of a firearm or “pulling” of a ball must be done so as not to endanger any person or club property. Keep the muzzle pointing safely downrange at all times. The use of a CO2 ball discharger is highly recommended. No fouled firearm shall be removed from the firing line until declared safe by a Range Officer.
7. Bullet propellant shall be Black powder or NMLRA approved Black powder substitute such as Pyrodex.
8. There will be no open containers of black powder on the loading bench or firing line. Powder will be loaded into the firearm using a powder measure or separate holder. loading from a powder horn or powder container directly into the muzzle is unsafe and is not permitted.
9. All flintlocks and side vented firearms must be fired from a position that does not
endanger their fellow shooters. A safety shield must be provided/used by the person firing a flintlock or side vented firearm.
10. Safety glasses and hearing protection are mandatory for shooter’s safety.
11. There will be no blowing down the front muzzle of the barrel of any firearm in a manner that requires placing the head in front of the barrel.
12. There shall be no smoking within 10 feet of the loading bench.